Income Property Toronto and the surrounding GTA. These are the types of buildings the many call home

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Typical Duplex- can be found anywhere in the downtown core and surrounding areas

Typical Duplex- can be found anywhere in the downtown core and surrounding areas

Triplex and Four-plex Residential units

These can be found mainly in the downtown core

Triplex and Four-plex Residential units

A plex type of property can be a typical home that was converted to house multiple units or they were constructed with the intent to house 3-4 units in one dwelling

Five and Six unit dwellings also know as a 5 or 6 plex

positive cash flow Income opportunities

Found mainly in the downtown core of the city

The old Victorian and Edwardian homes, built at the turn of the 19th century

Strore Front with Apartments Above

This type of product provides a high ROI

A more popular choice over the last 10 years with savvy investors

This type of product is great for the investor who is cash rich. This helps the investor purchase without financing issues
Income Property Toronto

Real Estate is an Asset- It’s Tangible

Investing in a Toronto home is great first step to building personal wealth through the home’s equity. That’s the idea (amongst many other factors) behind purchasing land, the land itself is one of the most valuable commodities- always has been and always will be! Envision owning that home you’re living in while having someone else pay for it, that’s exciting! That’s the power of owning an income property.

  • Build Equity – Land value appreciates over 10% on average per year in Toronto
  • Borrowing Power – Lenders favour home owners when purchasing another asset
  • Residual Income – Positive cash flows that continue to grow yearly
  • Tangible Asset – Land is tangible, you can walk on it, touch it, not like a paper stock
  • Tax Benefits – Various tax exemptions for landlord’s, e.g. Cost of Capital Allowance (CCA)
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Income Property Toronto – is it for me?

Is an income property for me? It can be a tough question for most, and for some it can be relatively easy to answer. The best way in knowing is by building a plan, make an informed decision based on the facts. Surround yourself with professionals like Lawyers, Accountants, Realtors and Mortgage Representatives.

I want to secure the real estate buying and selling process is more satisfying for the consumer.  Giving power back to the prospective costumer by providing true data. This is how one empowers the consumer and earns trust – provide up to date education and market understanding. – Vincent La Fiura

Ask the tough questions, knowledge is a fundamental component in reaching a prudent decision. Build key and beneficial relationships, learn from people who are earning a residual income each and every month, find out the pro’s and cons. Vincent La Fiura takes great pride in helping savvy investors as-well-as income property virgins build that plan. Our team of professionals are dedicated in helping put the power back into the consumer regardless if they are Buying Income Property or Selling Income Property in Toronto.

Vincent La Fiura (RPS) strives to be the premier leader in providing a niche market- Income Rental Properties. Our approach is to use robust and innovative solutions so that our clients are current in today’s Toronto Real Estate Market.

Our solid background of having over 20 years of investing and selling investment properties, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service and in-depth knowledge resulting in solutions that our clients trust and value, our Gold Standard of product awareness is a leader amongst top Realtors across Toronto. We make our clients lives easier by providing the most current data so decisions can be made with confidence

We consistently conduct in depth market research with proprietary tools in order to provide the most current and accurate data to our clients.
We pledge that our client receives the outmost ethical service above our industry standard, transparency is our focus when communicating information.
We provide free consultation to any prospective client, we relish the opportunity to earn their trust and welcome any challenge, regardless how big or small. We pride ourselves from standing apart from our competitors.
Average Four-Plex Value in Year 2000
Average Four-Plex Value in Year 2005
Average Four-Plex Value in Year 2010
Average Four-Plex Value in Year 2015

Do I have what it takes to be a landlord?

  • Do I have a positive work ethic?

  • Am I committed to building wealth?

  • Would I enjoy being a landlord?

  • Do I have the time in my already busy schedule?

  • Would my family support the idea?

Income Property Toronto

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Income Property Toronto

Live in and Rent out

It’s a great business model that has become very popular among first time home buyers. This method allows some buyers to enter the housing market because they offset the carrying costs by renting a portion of the home. Welcome to home ownership, time to buy the next one!

Income Property Toronto

Equity Build-UP

Some investors are using the equity in their principal residence and using that money to build a real estate investment portfolio. Toronto’s market has seen an average appreciation rate of higher than 10% per year over the past decade, might as well as use that money and buy a Triplex over a new car, right?

Income Property Toronto


Partnerships are on the rise when it comes real estate ventures. It’s an old method that has been revitalized by the high property values, buyers are pooling their money and resources so they can build a portfolio. Some joint ventures are growing at staggering rate buying a Triplex and a Fourplex every quarter. It’s something to explore, even for the investor that has its own capital.

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